Sunday, March 10, 2013

Plan your synthesis

This is an organic chemistry project what could help your research with ideas and proper organic synthesis plans if requested. It is about planning the most favored method of synthesizing your title compounds on paper according to previously described references with similar compounds using the retrosynthetic analysis.

Who we are? Organic chemistry mayor students with passion to chemistry.

Why we do this? Mainly for fun and some challenge.

Why is it recommended to ask us? Because we could suggest a route that you didn’t even though from. And if we couldn’t help, it didn’t cost you anything. Our help is completely free.

What is that we do not help in? In designing the synthesis of controlled substances from bioactive things to explosives, anything what is in the category of illegal/contolled drugs and explosives. So if you plan to make things like these than please do not even ask that how it should be made, we won’t even reply.

How can you submit your request? Up there is three button, one with a title Send us your request directly! what will send a mail to us with what you write in it. One button with Tell me your synthesis! and one with Tell me your question!
With the first button you can send us pictures and a brief description of what you need and with the second button you can send us a short message. Always add a contact info, where we can reach you with the plans what we have found out!

So please, let me know that how can we help!



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